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Metal Roofing

LaborDawg offers solid 40 year American made metal roofing for your home at a fantastic price. Each job is priced individually and is determined by the size, pitch, accessories, tear off, and difficulty. With every roof, we never cut corners. Included is a complete tear off of all shingles and underlayment. We also replace all drip-edge, flashing, vent boots, 750 vents, and we replace bad wood (extra cost above 100 sq ft). We even cut-in brick chimney flashing which is key to preventing leaks long term. We also use lifetime cap screws on our metal roofing to prevent leaks long term. Most roofing companies use cheap screws which will dry-rot within 6 or 7 years and cause leaks. Our roofers are extraordinarily professional and will care for your home as if it was their own. Metal roofing is nothing to play with, and we are the most professional in the business.